Identity and Belonging

Identity and Belonging (Lais Botler - Spanish and Latin American Studies)

The fragmentation of identity is a reality at least since the Second World War, which some consider as a landmark of postmodernity. The higher frequency of displacement from national, regional, or local identities became a reality, generating a higher contact between cultures on global and local extent. In this context of excess of displacement, an important question is if there is still a sense of place, an attachment to their origins, and how people deal with it when it comes to the self.

The purpose of this group is to analyze the consequences of the fluidity and fragmentation of the identity and its influence in different fields, specifically in its relationship with the sense of belonging, that can also be connected to the act of desiring, especially when related to people, places, or ways of being. Understanding how the representation of identity and belonging is concretized will allow researchers to better comprehend the influence of the theme in different fields, such as literature, arts, anthropology, geography, history, psychology, cultural studies, architecture and urbanism, religion, and others.

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Collage by Mariana Valente